Voi Cha Rock (Father Elephant) is considered a god of love, couples who love each other often date on the top of the rock and exchange vows with each other and pray to Voi Cha Rock to protect their love. People who are heartbroken or haven’t find love often come to tell the rock god their stories and believe that he will understand and bless them with love.

So, if you have the opportunity to visit Dak Lak, do not miss this interesting sight. Who knows, with your sincere heart, the rock god will help you meet your true love! 


Elephant Rock Mountain includes Mother Elephant Rock and Father Elephant Rock, famous as the "walking rock" in Yang Tao town, about 40 km from Buon Ma Thuot city center along Highway 27, is a place many tourists visit when coming to Dak Lak. From a distance, two giant rocks look like elephants' backs, so people often call them Elephant Rock Mountain.

Normally tourists only visit Mother Elephant Rock because it is bigger and has a better view. But few people know that Father Elephant Rock, 5km away, carries mysterious stories, and is considered by the M'nong as the god of love.

According to an anecdote left by the ancients, Father Elephant Rock, moved closer to the foot of the mountain, while Mother Elephant Rock was at first located in the North, facing Lak Lake, but after only one night, people saw it stood on a rice field in the middle of a vast valley. Two long parallel ditches said to be the best evidence of the rock’s movement.

The locals also believe that the Elephant Rock has the ability to transform from liquid to solid. It is said that in the old days, the rock was very soft at first, like a mudflat extruded from the ground. Curiously, people came, climbed on the rock body, ran and had fun there. Then, one day, the rock suddenly hardened and in that transition, Father Elephant Rock swept away a beautiful young girl.

The girl's legs were sunk deep into the rock, the more she pulled, the more she sank, the villagers gathered to pull her out, but in the end, after 7 days and nights, the beautiful girl was swallowed up into the rock, no trace left. That night, her family dreamed that she appeared to tell that she was living happily with the rock god Yang Tao, saying that the god would bless everyone and they should not be sad. Since then, the story of the Elephant Rock God taking his wife has remained fanciful associated with the Rock Elephant Cha and the people in the region for generations.

People living in Yang Tao are mainly M'nong people, living a peaceful life with two rice seasons a year. They here consider Elephant Rock very sacred, as a protective deity to protect their peaceful life. Therefore, for Elephant Rock, they always respect, cherish, and never dare to infringe.





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