Diamond Center

Welcome to Dianmond Center - Hoang Loc 3
Located in the network of 03 professional wedding venues of Hoang Loc Hotel, Dianmond Center - Hoang Loc 3 is an area chosen by many young people.


The style that Dianmond Center - Hoang Loc 3 is aiming for is rustic, simple and luxurious. With impressive architecture and high aesthetics and art, Dianmond Center - Hoang Loc 3 will
bring you the most sophisticated and perfect wedding ceremony with guests.


Located right in the center of Buon Ma Thuot city, with an extremely favorable location, convenient for moving. From the intersection of Buon Ma Thuot City - Le Duan, it only takes you about
5 minutes to reach the restaurant.



With a delicate interior space, the design style is arranged harmoniously and reasonably, creating a comprehensive and overall space that is pleasing to the eye, luxurious and aristocratic with
a team of professional, dedicated staff heart.

Customers will enjoy a rich culinary background with a team of highly skilled and experienced chefs who will bring to the wedding party participants the most memorable taste of dishes.

Dianmond Center - Hoang Loc 3 has an area of ​​​​up to 4,150 square meters, including 2 main halls with a capacity of 650 - 1200 guests.
We hope to welcome and serve you.


Contact Info:Dianmond Center – Hoang Loc 3Hoteline : 0262 374 8888 – 0262 390 5555
E-Mail: dianmondcenterhl@gmail.com
Address : 33 Nguyen Cong Tru - Tu An Ward - City. Buon Ma Thuot
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